quarta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2007


E a trilha sonora de hoje é:

-> Demon Days Presents Gamall (techno)

Forward-thinking electronic music with a dark edge that reflects our times

-> Club Transmediale Presents Wasted - Jason Forrest (mashup)
Wasted additionally explores new territories of freeform-noise and hand-made music; electronics coupled with the intensity of live drumming, live guitars, and live vocals and even more absurd live action.

Two definite highlights will be the complex Breakbeat-cascades of Canadian Venetian Snares, and one of the very rare appearances of legendary Austrian extreme-performers, Fuckhead – a theatrical mix of electronic Noise, Metal, Agit-Prop and Dada-Pranksterism with a good portion of down and dirty Viennese Actionism.

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